Funerals and Memorials

The benefits of holding a funeral service extend to the wider community. The process of re-integration into the community is an important aspect of reconciling grief and begins with the funeral service.

Most importantly, an appropriate service creates a context for the feelings of grief and loss that are experienced. The funeral ceremony can help you to validate these emotions as a wholly natural part of the grief journey.

The loss of a loved one can be a devastating event but growing through that loss is an important aspect of the recovery. The importance of the funeral lies in this painful, but invaluable, lesson.

The path that one chooses to interpret the final stage of life and existence after death and  to cope with one’s mortality is her or his own path

The primary role of the funeral service is to encourage acceptance of the death. Healing and understanding occur as a natural part of the grief journey, but recognising that a loved one will not return must come first. A funeral also enables family members to give a place in history to their loved one. Remembering a friend or relative through shared experience enables survivors to find comfort in circumstances that no longer include this person.

A funeral ceremony is unique and created to mark the life of the particular person that has died and the wishes of those who are remembering them. This means there is no set script. However, having a clear structure to organise the funeral around is very helpful.


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