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Kate was my friend for over 50 years. It was in this church that we met in early 1968. It was the time when the Vietnam War protests were in full swing. “May angels guard you.” For Kate that was [...]

Sport in Schools

FROM THE DESK OF THE COUNSELLOR – JOHN HILL (1990s) I was talking to a parent today and when she and her husband were deciding which school they wanted for their children they were told by [...]

Mum Shirl Smith

From the 1990s My dear friend and mentor Fr. Ted Kennedy gave the eulogy for Mum Shirl Smith at St. Mary’s Cathedral last week. His farewell words for this very special lady were most apt [...]

“The Thin Red Line”

From the 1990s A connoisseur’s movie will never last long at the box office. It is the Spielberg movie that keeps up on popularity because it can afford to cater for the masses. Yet it is [...]

Gay Wedding

I want to welcome you all. Today is so very special. In fact it is well over four decades in the making. But for Gerard and Rauli the moment has come when they can reveal in the most public of [...]

Emotional Intelligence

From the 1990s Recently I came across a poem by the Sufi mystic Rumi and it read, “I sought a soul in the sea and found a coral there beneath the foam for me an ocean was all laid [...]

From the School Counsellor

From the 1990s I had a bad day today. One of those days that come on top of us after a weekend away from the worksite. One of our students had been robbed at knifepoint by three Caucasian youths [...]


From the 1990s In a casual conversation with a teacher from Melbourne who taught at Jesuit schools in Sydney and is now at Xavier College I learnt something which I was not surprised to hear. She [...]

The novels of John Marsden

From the 1990s The novels of John Marsden are a source of enjoyment to many teenagers as well as to others. I refer more to his quartet of novels about the invasion of Australia. He shows in a [...]


From the Counsellor (1990s) Symbols are the way we communicate. The expression of the inexpressible. Last Friday night was very special for students, parents, teachers and all connected with the [...]


I know that we live in troubled times. We do our best to cope. In a sense that is the story of life. Yet in our more serene and positive moments we discover something truly precious. We discover [...]

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